Study Halls Required

Study halls are a requirement this year for freshmen- juniors.

Some students like Katie Rossmiller, junior, believe that “there’s no point in study hall” whereas others such as Cris Coza, junior, say that it gives people time to think.

Study halls are half an hour long, and range from fourth period to sixth period. Last year, freshmen were required to take study hall, most sophomores had to take study hall, and few juniors or seniors had to take it.

Some students say that study hall interferes with talking to their friends, or limits their ability to socialize.

“I do not like having study hall as a requirement because not everybody needs it, and I feel it is unnecessary,” said Molly Behland, sophomore.

However, other students say that it gives them time to do homework and talk to their friends. Mark Syrek, junior, said that he “likes having a clean place to do homework”, and Natalie Zychal, sophomore, said, “It’s good to get homework done.”

A handful of students also believe that study hall should be optional, not required. Out of twenty-six surveys conducted, nineteen students asked for a full hour lunch, three wanted an extra class in place of study hall, and four said to keep it.