Seniors take SAT in October

Maddie Cox, Editor-In-Chief

SAT testing throughout the month of October became available to students who wanted to take it earlier than spring.
Students signed up Oct. 14th and Oct. 27th to take the early SAT through their counselor in September. Those who didn’t sign up will be taking their test in the spring.

Seniors are not allowed to take the SAT twice through the school, meaning students who take the SAT in October cannot take the SAT in spring with those who did not sign up.

However, students who wish to retake the SAT can sign up for it out of school through the College Board website. There is a fee of $49.50 for the multiple-choice test, or a fee of $64.50 if students choose the multiple-choice test with an essay. Other fees to consider are late registration fees if students sign up after the posted due date.

“We have to maintain the CDC guidelines in keeping all people safe,” Johnathan Puklin, assistant principal, said. “That means social distancing, hand sanitizers, gloves, multiple parking areas for students with multiple entries just to name a few. Students will have to self certify and be checked prior to entering the building.”

Scores for SAT’s will be released roughly a month after taking the test, and longer if students take the test with an essay. Students can see their scores on the college board websites.

A studying resource that is available is Khan Academy’s SAT prep, a connected course with the college board that uses students’ scores and answers on the test to help them correct what they had wrong and help them recognize patterns within the test. This course is free and available to all students with a Khan Academy account.