Quarantine has caused more suffering than survival


Jenny Brooks, Staff Writer

The COVID-19 pandemic that has stripped nearly three months of this year, has forced the entire country to go into a full lockdown or  quarantine. The wicked coronavirus has taken away millions of senior years, spring high school sports seasons, 36 million jobs and counting, torn families apart and thousands of innocent lives. The quarantine was originally set to lower the curve of the death rate, but there seems to be more of concern of what people are risking for it.

The quarantine was first set to end March 30th, but frankly it’s May 22nd and people are still trapped in their houses at the throats of each of their family members. The stir-crazy insanity reaches much deeper than the hatred of some siblings isolated together. People rely on any form of interaction throughout a day to keep sane, which is very prevalent in most teenagers who are used to constant social interaction. Facetime and the social-distance hangouts are getting to be not enough for the rather eager teenagers. For the teens that have parents who are even more paranoid than the average parent, they are becoming more depressed by the day due to being in their room every minute.

There has been an increase in various mental issues and problems in not only teens, but parents and adults as well. In fact, many liquor store and alcohol stores have reported being very busy as many parents have bought an excessive amount of alcohol since the beginning of quarantine.

Many people have been saying “Everyone is in the same boat, we are all stuck right now,” but some people have been stuck in a much deeper hole than others. 9 out of 1,000 kids in America live in abusive homes and have been forced to stay in the exact place they never wish to be during this quarantine.

There have been many issues with the rather sudden purge-like lockdown for all people no matter the situation. The whole point of quarantine was so more people wouldn’t get the virus, but what happens when we go back? The entire country has been cooped up in their houses for two and a half months, and once we go back to normal life, no one will have a built-up immunity to the virus. So, even the reasons why the country is on lockdown cancel each other out.

The country needs to open up now, before more damage is done.