Live stream concerts raise funds


The world is in a place where things can be challenging. The Coronavirus has changed the world in many ways from businesses being shut down to whole countries under quarantine. Major events and plans were stolen from everyone within weeks. But some people have decided to do what they can to help.
Celebrities and famous artists are trying their hardest to lighten the mood for their fans and contribute to the cause by putting on a live show from their living rooms. Billie Eilish, Elton John, The Backstreet Boys, and many other famous performers have shown the world that there can be a bright side to all this madness. Most are doing it for pure entertainment, others are taking donations for Coronavirus relief such as Post Malone’s Nirvana tribute concert that raised 2.6 million dollars.
Still others are going beyond concerts such as John Krasinski’s virtual prom, in which he dressed in prom attire, encouraged teens missing proms to dress up as well, and hosted several artists such as the Jonas Brothers and Chance the Rapper. Ryan Seacrest hosted a Disney singalong with celebrities for the younger family members to take part in.
Personally, I haven’t watched any of the “live living room concerts”, but I think it’s an amazing thing that these artists are doing. It really shows how the world can come together in a time of crisis. It also motivates people to commit to the stay at home action and social distancing. It’s better to be occupied with good music rather than feeling tempted to go out with friends.
These artists are spreading much needed positivity for their fans and people who are trying to make light of things in the time of this world-wide pandemic.