Faces are not for eating, not even in cafeteria

PDA feasting on the eyes of the students walking by.


Jenny Brooks, Staff Writer

Dating in high school is simply an adventure of experiencing what someone wants in a person. The idea of having someone to walk to class with or to hold hands, or maybe even to kiss before leaving is desirable for the typical teen, but as the years go on, the puppy love turns into a cuddle-and-slobber-fest in the halls for anyone to walk by and squirm at the sight of the magnetic touching. The couples that keep their hands and their tongues in appropriate places are greatly appreciated by the public eye, who is just trying to get through the day. 

It’s very common in high school to roam the halls and see a couple making out or even some sneaking around between periods, but within two months or so, the couples who were head over heels for one another usually have a terrible breakup and become strangers all over again. After publicly exposing this private behavior, the high school syndrome of rumors and assumptions may backfire more than expected. There is a possibility of a reputation to stew behind the hands of girls who gossip in the hall or the guy-talks that end up revealing too much about the actions behind closed doors. The rumors can turn into far worse very fast, especially when these couples allow everyone to see how they wish to be treated by a boyfriend or girlfriend. 

The way couples act in public with one another reflects who they are as people. Some may excuse their hands-on experiences with one another as comfort and security in a relationship, but in reality, it may be a sign of insecurity. Usually those who feel insecure about their partner or feel jealous of those who admire their partner, show more affection in public caused by fear of those around them thinking anything other than that their partner is unavailable. According to elitedaily.com, the idea of PDA in general is more of an attempt to tell the public that their relationship is solid when it most likely isn’t. This insecurity is unnecessary not only considering those who are in high school have about 2% chance of marrying a high school sweetheart, but also because whoever wants to leave will leave, according to huffpost.com. They will not stay if they do not want to, and giving them more attention may stall it, but eventually it will reach a breaking point 

The school handbook does have certain restrictions against PDA, but the teachers clearly do not enforce it. Nobody enjoys watching a couple create a washing machine with their tongues, so what could the teachers do to solve it? Do they break them up? Do they blow a whistle and scream ‘PDA alert!’? Should they start cheering them on and clapping? Should they throw dodge balls at them? Or should they just simply stare at them, making them just as uncomfortable as they are making their peers? There are hundreds of things teachers could do to fix the issue of passing students nearly puking in their mouth at the sight of the horrendous display of human desire that should be kept private, but a here’s a rule of thumb all students should follow: “Don’t do it in school if you can’t do it in front of your mom.