Lauv enters 2020 with pitch perfect debut album


Emma Figlewicz, staff writer

There is only one phrase in which Lauv, Ari Straphans Leff, debut album ~how I’m feeling~ can be described, perfectly imperfect. From start to finish the entire project was a production masterpiece.
With his first compilation album, I met you when I was 18, being a huge hit out of the gate, exceptions for the singer/songwriter’s new album to do well is an understatement.
Leff brings a new refreshing taste to the traditional sad song. Songs like “I’m so tired…” “Sad Forever” and “F*** I’m Lonely” contrast between the lyrics and the music. Pop dance tracks are paired with sad lyrics such as “I’m so tired of love, just wanna go home” and “I don’t wanna be sad anymore.”
The smooth, angelic voice of Leff allowed for the message of love loss, loneness and sorrow to tear into listeners hearts.
Through most of the songs are about sadness and loneliness, there is one song that stands out from the rest. “Julia”, one of the projects slower and more personal songs acts as a personal love letter from the artist to his previous lover whom he is apologizing to for causing her emotional strain and heartache. The piano which accents the somber tone of the song allows listeners to feel the pain in Leff’s voice as he pleads out his heart, asking for forgiveness.
The moat interesting songs however weren’t the heartbreak anthems but the up-beat, uplifting ones. “El Tejano” is a song that is perfect for a night on the town. It gives you a warm feeling that puts a smile on your face making you get up and dance. The Latin influenced song featuring Sofia Reyas was the most unexpected song of the album. It allowed for Leff to show off his versatility in different genres and capability to branch out from his typical sound of his usual sad song.
The only take back this album presented was the songwriting. Most of the songs did go deep into the emotional side of Leff’s songwriting capabilities but songs like “sweatpants” and “Believed” are forgettable and unimpactful. I found myself skipping over these when listening to the project because they are the same old sad love songs that audiences have heard a hundred times, it brought nothing new to the table.
Overall, I give this album a 4 out of 5 stars. The stunning production really set this project apart from other artists who create a similar style of music. I would recommend this album to anyone who is looking for a good album to close your eyes to vibe with.