Social standards create codes for guys, girls

In America there are clear societal codes that are followed by men and women that do not necessarily transfer between bother sexes. It is evident that both genders are distinct regarding their behaviors and how they act with one other. According to the Army and Navy Academy the  part of the brain that processes anger and fear is larger in men which causes them to be aggressive, girls learn communication skills sooner than boys, and the smaller hippocampi in males lead to less memory storage available for accessing information for recall.

“Boys and girls learn differently for a very simple biological reason—their brains are built differently,”, said. “Given, their differences, boys and girls perform better provided different stimuli.” talks about stereotypes within children and how important holding up these stereotypes are within society. Specifically, they talk about how while one hand parents encourage feminine traits, they also encourage masculine occupations complain with their daughters are too girly. Boy lean to react negative to shy behavior “Presumably because their behavior violates the male gender role.” As boys and girls mature and enter middle school, specific behaviors become more apparent within each gender and this formulates guy code and girl code.

“I respect girl code because there’s no reason for me to jeopardize my friendships,” Isabel Scudella, senior, said. “I care and love for my friends so much I would never want to ruin that.”

Guy code is defined as “the code of rule and regulation by which a man lives his life” according to Some examples of guy code include throwing or tossing trash into the trash bin instead of walking over to it, carrying into the house every grocery bag from the car, and not engaging in any sexual relations with a girl that their best friend has dated.

“If there are five open urinals then [guys] will use every other one,” Dominic Bennett, senior said. “I think it is natural. There isn’t any privacy so you wouldn’t want to stare or look at people.”

Girl code on the other hand, as described by, is “the unwritten and often unspoken set of rules/ethic that exist between a girl and her best friends.” These rules include never going after their friend’s crush, waiting until their friend is inside the house before driving away, letting a girl know if there is malfunction on her outfit, and handing out hair bands or period products when needed.

“An example of girl code would be respecting a girl’s decision to date someone you may not like,” Rhiannon Bode, junior, said. “The respectful thing to do would be to accept her relationship and be happy for her rather than judge her.”

There are many activities that society has categorized as for boys and for girls and according to saying, “There are many gray areas between men and women that neither understand but always wonder”. The site lists some questions that men may have for women such as why they say they don’t want gifts when they do, why they are so passive aggressive and why they go to the bathroom together.

“Boys when they have their connects there is less drama. There is more drama [within girls] and boys just don’t care,” Dustyn Perona, senior, said.

While guys may have multiple questions for girls, girls are also loaded with questions according to a Cosmopolitan article that has 11 guys answering commonly asked questions from girls. Some of which brought up how they really feel about girls wearing makeup, and if guys notice when something physically is different about a girl.

“Something of guy code that I found weird is when guys will choose to side with their friends,” Bode, said. “I think that if you know your friend is cheating on their significant other then you should tell the person or tell your friend to be honest.”

Although the interactions between girls and girls, guys and guys, and guys and girls may differ from person to person, each gender has their own set of rules that is typically upheld and respected for one’s own personal reasons.

“[Friendships are] some of the most important relations that you have. In high school, your best friends are important. Having a guy code is what keeps it going,” Jack Martin, senior, said.