Majorettes debut dancing in the bleachers


Photo courtesy of PCHS Majorettes / Twitter

The Majorettes perform dances in various outfits in the bleachers at home basketball games.

Paige Williams, Staff Writer

Majorettes, a new performance dance team started this year, is not available at any of the other Plainfield schools.
“Starting it was something we’ve always wanted to do, and it’s never been done in Plainfield ever,” senior Zion Gatson said.
Majorettes is a dance-based performance group with incorporation of movement, dance, gymnastics, and use of batons. This student-based club is like poms but is more performance oriented versus competition oriented.
“We perform in the stands. We’re basically the team’s pep; we get to excite the crowd,” Gatson said.
The girls get their own section in the bleachers and cheer on the team at home games to excite the crowd.
“The superfans really get hyped, they’re really good entertainment,” junior Emma Rivecco said.
The group was started this year by several seniors branching off Orchesis dance company, which had Bridget Taylor, dance teacher, as the sponsor.
“I had been running Orchesis (performance dance club) here at Plainfield Central for years when a group of dancers approached me and showed me what majorettes was,” said Taylor.
Majorettes is popular at the collegiate level and in southern states, but it is making its way all over the world, even Canada according to
All dances are choreographed and performed by the twelve performing members on the team.
“Most of the time Shanteil and Zion, (the two senior captains)choreograph,” said Renna Woods, senior. “Sometimes at practice we free dance, and if someone puts something together that is good, we add it into the dance.”
The girls practice once a week to be able to cheer on the team and perform during games.
“All the girls’ practice, the students choreograph themselves, we don’t bring in or hire choreographers, we then the perform those dances,” said Taylor.
The Majorettes working together has formed a tight bond between the performing members.
“We’re like a sister-hood: everyone is super close,” Gatson said.
“The girls can be and energetic especially on competition days but also very serious when they need to be. The girls are very committed,” Taylor said.