Better alternatives to energy drinks available


Paige Williams, Staff Writer

Many of us as students have had a late night or two whether studying for that exam or working late and have needed an extra boost of energy. We run to our local gas station and in the energy drink aisle we have plenty of options to choose from. Monster, Rockstar, Red Bull, Starbucks double shot energy, Bang, and 5-Hour Energy, all some of the most popular multimillion-dollar name brand energy drinks ranging from 80mg to 300mg of caffeine. To drink one occasionally is okay for our health, but to drink one every day is where the line should be drawn.

According to Mayoclinic, the human body should only consume 400mg of caffeine per day. When having an energy drink, one alone can contain up to 300mg. Not to mention most people drink energy drinks to help cope with lack of sleep but drinking them every day can lead to even more sleep deprivation.

Caffeine is classified as a drug and has the same withdrawal effect as any prescription, black market, illegal drug. If the body becomes dependent on this much caffeine to function it can lead to jitters, nausea, migraines, rapid heartbeat, and much more.

In 2013 there were reportedly 1,658 documented deaths from consuming energy drinks, 1,298 of these deaths were people under the age of 20 according to Caffieneinformer.

Energy drinks often have a negative effect on our bodies. The human body wasn’t meant to consume these outrageous amounts of caffeine all at once multiple times per day or every single day to the point our bodies can become dependent on it.

Even more danger can arise when pregnant or consuming alcohol at the same time or within hours of consuming caffeine.

Putting your life at risk in exchange for a boost of caffeine isn’t worth it. Instead there are healthier options than drinking energy drinks everyday like tea, black coffee, lemon water, and apple cider vinegar, all healthy forms of caffeine and ways to cope with caffeine withdrawal.