Dayanara Miranda, Opinion Editor

Insecurities take over the minds of teenagers once they notice the little imperfections about themselves, from acne, weight, crooked teeth, and much more. Society supports many solutions to these problems as they know these factors can have potential damage to one’s self esteem.
But what about factors such as small breasts, a big nose, or small lips? It seems that if someone has insecurities regarding traits like these, people say, “love yourself, be who you are, learn to love the body you are in.”
If people support the idea of taking medicines or buying expensive treatments to clear up acne, doing certain diets, workouts to lose/gain weight, or putting on braces to fix teeth, then people should not be judged for wanting to fix features that could not be cured with these solutions.
If one decides to take on plastic surgery, it is their risk, their money, and their overall wanting to feel good about themselves.
According to the, “they [patients] feel good and they look good. This confidence often gives them the motivation they need to set new goals for themselves, to be more adventurous, to be more outgoing and to feel more comfortable in their skin”.
It isn’t fair to judge someone for wanting to change something about themselves, regardless of age. As long as it is for them and they are happy with the surgery, it should be well supported.
However, with plastic surgery one believes that it is a “cure” or “magic” for someone’s self esteem, but it is simply a boost of confidence, and that’s what it should only be. People should love themselves the same before the surgery and after.
People could be concerned with the harmful effects that surgery could cause, but with any change of one’s body there can come harmful effects such as a loss of appetite, acne, depression, nausea, and much more. If the process is done by the right doctor, then the result of surgery compared to how one looked before should not be drastic.
Plastic surgery should be supported and needs to be defined as a positive concept. All it means is for a change in one’s life only to make themself feel happier within themselves.
One’s happiness should not be blocked simply by society’s ideas that plastic surgery is not a good idea for teenagers. People should be allowed to do what it takes to become more positive about themselves.