Students prepare for biggest shopping weekend

Jayden Johnson, Staff Writer

Next week, one of the most anticipated times of the year will occur, and it doesn’t involve turkeys.

Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, is a rush of great deals and lowered prices. It’s a national tradition in the United States and other countries worldwide, but a recent question floating around is its archaic similarity – Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday is held approximately 3 days after Black Friday, which gives others who couldn’t get out to the stores another chance to shop within the comforts of home. But which is better?

“I have always gone Black Friday shopping for Christmas gifts, so it has a special place in my heart,” Nicole Jones, sophomore, said. She and 54% of 150 students polled believe that Black Friday is currently preferable to Cyber Monday, though 75% believe Cyber Monday will eventually be more popular due to the increase in social media and the economy growth in recent years.

“Online shopping is becoming increasingly more popular, so it would make sense that Cyber Monday will become more popular,” Kaitlyn Husak, senior, said. Though some think that one day it will eventually be overtaken by Cyber Monday, they still believe that it will be quite a while, and with good reason, too.

“Black Friday sales are more commonly known, and I prefer to shop at a store and look at everything that they sell. When shopping online, I can’t try on clothes, but in a store I can,” Madison Felgenhauer, sophomore, said. Only 3% are participating in exclusively Black Friday this year, while 38% are participating in both Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Another 23% chose not to participate in either shopping day.

Chloe Schiemann, senior, doesn’t like the fact that employees have to work on Thanksgiving since some of the deals begin Thursday evening. Even so, 25% of students feel that the tradition is around to stay.

“It’s just the thrill of waking up early with a bunch of people. It’ll never get old,” Reilly Carmody, senior, said.