Listening to music helps performance in classroom

Isabel Taylor, sports editor

On workdays in class, students should be allowed to listen to music if they choose to.
Music is a huge part of my life, and one of the few ways I can calm down. When I’m doing homework, I’m undoubtedly listening to Clairo or Roy Blair, trying to unwind from a long day of school and work. I’ve found, personally, that music helps me retain information better and keeps me motivated to accomplish my work. I’ve never had an efficient work ethic when I am working in silence.
Growing up in a house where the television was always on, people always talking, and my brother blaring his music from his speakers, background noise has become a necessity for me to work. I become very anxious in moments of silence. My brain has too much time to wander, resulting in me not performing well. As a kid, music was always playing whenever I was drawing or doing homework. It’s become an integrated part of my lifestyle, and it’s hard to break habits that I believe are beneficial.
It’s been proven that listening to music one like’s boosts motivation and energy. When students listen to their favorite music, it has the ability to lower stress levels. When I’m stressed and need to relax, more than likely I am putting on music to help me transition into a better mindset. This means that if students were given the chance to pop in headphones listening to their favorite songs, they’re more likely to be motivated to get work done.
In my math class, my teacher plays classical music during unit tests. For me, I feel I test better because of it. Having the ability to tune out the classroom chatter is so helpful, and I wish teachers would be more lenient on this when we are given time to work independently.
It’s safe to say that for most students, high school is a high-stress place. The immense workloads and seven-hour days are exhausting. Getting those minutes in class to focus on one thing when work time is given can be very beneficial. But every person is different in what necessities they need in order to perform well.
Though listening to music while studying isn’t beneficial for every single student, it should still be an option for those who like to listen to music. If free time is given, students should have the choice to study how they choose. School is meant to be a place where students are given the opportunity to do their best, and given resources to perform to their maximum potential. If students know what helps them perform well, then listening to music during work time should be one of those options.