Senior girl

“In seventh grade, I was bullied a lot by people, mainly racial slurs, by who I thought were my friends, so I let it happen. I was growing more and more upset. Towards the end of eighth grade I was still stressed and sad, so I decided to do something. I took a lot of pills. I ended up getting sick from them and I had to go to the hospital. They took my vitals and gave me more medicine since it was too late to pump my stomach. After my vitals stabilized, I was given no choice but to stay at an inpatient facility. I didn’t like staying there, so my mom advocated for me to be placed in an outpatient group. I missed about four weeks of school. I had to get a therapist. I wasn’t put on medication at first, but a few months later I went to the doctor by myself to talk to her about putting me on anti-depressants.
About a year later, I stopped seeing my therapist as often, and more recently, I’ve been able to stop taking my medication. The combination of those things and my friends have helped me a lot.”