All eyes needed on parking lots


The end of the school day can seem chaotic when it comes to leaving the student parking lots, whether a senior lot veteran, or a newly licensed driver. Sure, you sign a waiver that lifts responsibility from the school if an accident were to occur, but what if there was a five-car pileup because the traffic was unorganized? The administration should not assume that all drivers, especially new ones, are going to be as safe as possible. They should take some responsibility for what happens in the parking lots.
Other factors such as unaware drivers and large number of student pedestrians can contribute, but on school property there should be some form of organization set by the school to ensure maximum safety for all students.
Every year in the United States, at least 100 children are killed in collisions while walking to or from school according to About half of all deaths of children in or near school zones involve kids who are 15 or older. These accidents are caused by students speeding in the parking lot and not paying attention when pulling into the street.
Then there is the point of winter conditions. Black ice affected the parking lots significantly last year with many accidents. Even without dangerous ice, the amount of time it takes to leave the parking lot is extensive. Without order, parents and student are waiting too long for the driver in front of them to make a left turn.
Administration should protect students by having workers in the parking lots directing traffic. They should also have workers on watch for irresponsible students who feel that it is okay to mess around and make the lots danger zones.