Marijuana acts as gateway to more severe drugs

  Being a senior in Plainfield Central, I know that the school has the potential to be on top, but one thing is stopping some people from performing their best…drugs.

  From past experience I know that drugs can ruin someone’s life, even if they don’t think so now.  Drugs can turn people into somebody their family doesn’t even know anymore.

  My brother started by smoking weed in high school and did not think much about it, but little did he know he would take a turn for the worse.

  After a while marijuana didn’t give him the same feeling, so he moved on to a stronger drug. He became a heroin addict for three and a half years and underwent  many overdoses and jail visits. f my brother never touched marijuana, I believe he would be much farther in life than he is now.

  He has now been clean for three years, but having to go through all of that just because he wanted to have more fun in high school was not worth it.

  Many think weed is not a harmful drug, but in reality it is.

According to, 60% of seniors don’t see regular marijuana use as harmful, but THC (the active ingredient in the drug that causes addiction) is nearly five times stronger than it was 20 years ago.

  Additionally, about half of high school seniors do not think it’s harmful to try crack or cocaine once or twice, and 40 percent believe it’s not harmful to use heroin once or twice.

  Weed in my opinion is a gateway drug. Once people stop getting the “high” by smoking weed, many of them move on to more fatal drugs such as heroine, crack cocaine, and Meth. Once those drugs take a hold of someone’s life the damage is irreversible

  If we teenagers don’t stop and realize the dangers of smoking weed  are much more severe then we think than many of our futures will not be as bright as we think they might be.