Disney plus should join with Netflix

Dayanara Miranda, Staff Writer

The door to watch all classic Disney, Marvel, and Pixar movies has finally opened with Disney’s new streaming service, Disney Plus, coming in November 2019. Disney aims to be competitors with other streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.
Disney Plus’s goal is to have a service where people can watch their favorite movies and shows that all generations love according to Cnet. They will charge $7 a month and they want to team up with other services such as Hulu to make packages so people can have both services for a cheaper price.

Disney will potentially team up with Apple tv when it comes out later in 2019 as well.
With over 139 million subscribers, according to CNN, Netflix charges $14 a month, carrying hundreds of binge-watching shows and movies that have won many awards. This has been the main-streaming service that people have gone to for years. According to the October 2018 Global Internet Phenomena Report, Netflix uses about 15% of the global downstream bandwidth. Disney’s Plus seems appealing, all the marvel, Star Wars, classics, and exclusive documentaries, and even better, it’s for a cheaper price!
But here is the reality: There is no originality. It will be formatted very similar if not exactly like Netflix and Hulu. The series originals will be like movies and shows made in previous years. For example, a new series called “The Mandalorian” will be set in the “Star Wars” universe.
Netflix already carries many Disney, Pixar, and Marvel movies. According to Cnet, Disney will take all their movies off Netflix so viewers who enjoy those movies will be tempted to join Disney Plus. Instead of making a whole new exact app with just a different name, Disney Plus should team up with Netflix, resulting in more variety of content, more viewers, and of course, what matters most, more money.
Users would feel relieved that they do not have to pay $7 a month for Disney movies plus $14 for original Netflix shows. Netflix could raise their prices to include these programs and split that money with Disney. This method would satisfy all.