Should part of the prices from the current year’s prom tickets continue to be used as a down-payment for next year’s venue?

Abby Blazevic, Opinion Editor

“Yes; it is a smart move economically seeing that it will eventaully stablize the price. However, people might be upset about paying more.”
-Alicia Goluszka, senior
“Yes; it might help make the prom tickets cheaper.” -Arielle Bartos, junior
“Yes; we want a good venue to make prom be the best it can be.” -Lauren Kuehni, sophomore
“Yes; I would rather keep making the prom venues bigger and better.” -Nick, Ribolzi, sophomore
“No; They are taking advantage of students relying on the facts that students will pay for prom no matter how much it costs.” -Alejandro Guzman, senior