Be-you-ty Project gains momentum

Brendan Burns, News Editor

In a world where people can lack a sense of affection, trust, and sometimes even love, arises a group for girls to gain it all back called the “Be-You-ty” project, which will be March 9 from 10a.m.- 4p.m. in the auditorium.
“This is all about empowering each other and getting to know one another. Everyone learns to love themselves and others,” Rose Dissette, sophomore, said.
Anyone from a freshman to a senior can be a part of the group.
“To attend, students just need to fill out the registration and the fee for the event,” Christina Florence, health teacher, said.
In order to be a part of the program a participant must be ready to explore out of their comfort zone.
“The best thing about this event is that everyone gets a different experience! Girls travel through small group and big group activities, all designed to create a positive experience. Topics include self-esteem, relationships, self-image, self-confidence, and self-acceptance (amongst others mentors feel are necessary),” Florence said.
“It is completely student led and the juniors and seniors involved are the mentors. There will be teachers and social workers to be supervisors,” Dissette said.
“The mentors apply and go through an interview process with the senior leaders as well as Mrs. Capshaw and me. We work throughout the year to prepare for the day,” Florence said.
If a participant feels that they have a high ability of bravery, the program has spots for participants to show it.
“My involvement is being a mentor, a mentor in the Be-You-ty project is one of many leaders that guide the participants to redefine beauty and discover who their true self is,” Emma Tibble, senior, said.
This program started in 2013 when Plainfield North wanted to “redefine beauty” according to Florence.
“It is an all-female retreat, led by students. We were invited to attend in 2017, starting our own event here at Central last year. The program is designed to encourage self-worth and self-acceptance,” Florence said.
The first Be-you-ty project went well enough to continue doing more events.
“Before retiring, Ms. Campbell brought this idea to me in 2017. Women with the Plainfield junior women’s club suggested this event to her.  I jumped on board to bring this event here to Central with Mrs. Capshaw joining me.  Ms. Kwiatt joined us, as our Social Worker liaison, to ensure the safety of all attendees,” Florence said.
The people who are a part of the uplifting group are excited to know that there are a lot of people trying to participate.
“We had 9 girls sign up before we even open sign ups yet. It was amazing to know how many people are wanting to be a part of this,” Stephanie Capshaw, English teacher, said.
Going through specific changes to better one’s self can be a different experience for everyone. The group of girls involved plans to expand their energy and dedication into other areas of their personality and grow from their weaknesses.
“Guys face different things and situations that girls don’t understand. So, our goal is to also have a group for guys too. This would be led by male mentors though, because that way they can relate more,” Capshaw said.