New song raises hope for Jonas Brothers


Hannah Darbro, Fielder Friday Editor

If I were to compile a list of every band whose songs transport me back in time to the early 2000’s, I would file the Jonas Brothers somewhere between Miley Cyrus and The Cheetah Girls.
After announcing their return on Instagram just hours earlier, The Jonas Brothers dropped their newest single “Sucker” much to the delight of people who grew up watching the Jonas Brothers on Disney Channel.
While the song’s theme of undying devotion is a far cry from their earlier love songs like “Introducing Me,” where Joe Jonas introduces himself as “I’d never trust a dog to watch my food and I like to use the word ‘dude’.”
Whereas Introducing Me is catchy, cute and relatable, Sucker takes a different approach.
Sucker appeals to the same audience that listened to the Jonas Brothers as children, only now they have grown into young adults navigating similar relationships addressed in Sucker.
The music video features the brothers and their wives dancing through a castle dressed elaborately in a larger-than-life montage. Rather than filming the music video with actresses, The Jonas Brothers included their wives to emphasize the message of faithfulness set forth in the lyrics of the song.
As with most radio-ready hits, Sucker has a catchy beat and chorus that repeats, “I’m a sucker for you You say the word and I’ll go anywhere blindly I’m a sucker for you, yeah.”
Even though the simplistic lyrics don’t exactly capture the depth of relationships, that isn’t the point of the song.
Sucker was mean to increase conversation about the Jonas Brothers, basic lyrics and all. Even though Nick Jonas launched a successful solo career and Joe performed ats the lead singer of DNCE, they never had the same amount of popularity as they did while in the spotlight of Disney Channel.
After One Direction seperated, there has been as noticeable lack of boyband presence in the music industry, but the nostalgia brought with The Jonas Brothers will likely change that.
Although The Jonas Brothers have evolved and now direct their lyrics at an older crowd, their charm and talent is still present, which makes Sucker an instant hit. I give this song 5 out of 5 stars.