Mardi Gras shares excitement, French culture


Hannah Darbro

Junior Julia Jessen volunteers at the face painting station for National Art Honor Society at the Mardi Gras celebration in the cafeteria on Tuesday, March 5th.

Carter Day, News Editor

French teacher, Madame Rodeck, introduced a Mardi Gras party to the foreign language department last year and has since expanded the event.
Mardis Gras, meaning Fat Tuesday in French, is a Christian holiday celebrated before Ash Wednesday. It is meant as a last chance to over indulge before the start of lent.
“It was mainly cultural. It really helps with understanding how they do things differently such as partying or celebrating religion,” Alix Awalt, senior, said.
Rodeck has taken the culture and tradition of Mardis Gras and made it into a community gathering.
“It’s about being a community, getting together partying together, ” Rodeck said.
Other programs assisted the French club with the party this year, such as the German Club, NHS, Culinary Arts, Tri-M and the National Art Honor Society.
“German Club is helping with decorations; the cooking class is making the jambalaya. The Jazz band is playing, and a few NHS advisors are helping with advertising as well,” Melany Rodriguez, senior, said.
Students feel they are doing more than just helping though; every club is bringing a part of their culture Rodriguez said.
Outside sponsors also donated items as well. Mojos helped supply deserts for the celebration.
Students feel that Rodeck has done more than just incorporate the Mardis Gras party.
“She has definitely changed the program, she has actually helped us learn the meaning and understanding of the language. She genuinely cares about her students and how they are developing with their French language,” Maddie Smiles, senior, said.
By incorporating French culture into the curriculum through the Mardi Gras celebration, Rodeck is able to give her students a more well-rounded perspective.