Principal Dave Stephens opens doors to success


Principal Dave Stephens greets students to start his day. Many appreciate the little things Stephens does to improve the school’s atmosphere.

Autumn Dawson, Staff Writer

Principal Dave Stephens loves and enjoys being in the school zone, involving himself with the students and moving around finding something to do rather than sitting in his office. Students love him because he’s always around; it’s his priority to start his day.
“The first thing I always do after putting my belongings in my office is to go and help open doors for the students in the main entrance,” Stephens said. “I really, enjoy helping out because I love the kids.”
He loves talking to them and making jokes because he loves putting a smile on someone’s face or making someone’s day. If a students is sad, he will be there to cheer them up.
“The best part of my day is interacting with the students. I treat them like my own; they’re the best,” Stephens said.
He feels many students are on their best behavior and are a team of respectful students who do the right thing.
“Detention’s a lot when I have a couple of students not showing their best behavior, but most of the time I don’t have problems. Many of the students are respectful. I love that,” Stephens said.
Stephens has been in the school district for 32 years, 32 years of pure love towards his students and staff.
“I have taught as a teacher, basketball coach, and staff. I worked my way up to the top of this district, and I’m proud of that,” Stephens said. “I love it because I was always around the kids, so it was great for me.”
The staff also respects the work he has done.
“He really feels great in any position he did at the Plainfield Central. He has been around the school district for years exploring and meeting new kids every year, and he enjoys it,” Jon Hill, English teacher, said.
Stephens said he loves joking around with the staff as well as being available to them. Algebra teacher William Vassios says Stephens makes his day just being around him.
“He is a great friend. I love his personality, even though we really don’t see eye to eye,” Vassios said.
The staff also appreciate Stephen’s compliments that can make a person’s day and how he pushes people to do better, according to the staff.
“He sends out mini video clips. It made me want to improve, to keep pushing,” U.S history teacher Phil Coats said.
“He absolutely is a great principal. He knows what he’s doing towards us to help us improve our school. He is starting off with being involved,” Kevin Fitzgerald, history teacher, said. “He loves us, and we love him.”