Passion is more important in a career


Carter Day, News Editor

When people think about what they are going to do for the rest of their lives, they first think about what they enjoy doing because they love it, and secondly think about how much money they are going to make.
Everyone has heard the saying “If you love your job, you will never work a day in your life.” This saying means even more than that.
There are so many benefits to having passion for a job such as being more likely to learn and grow and having less of a chance of becoming complacent. These benefits are proven true because people work harder and enjoy what they are doing more when they have a passion to do their job.
When someone is in love with what they do, they have an intrinsic quality towards their job.
It would be smart to have a backup plan; that way if their career that they have passion for does not go as planned they have another career that they can fall back on, until their passionate career becomes feasible.
The problem that most people face is the money people need to run their day to day lives. So, they end up choosing a job that they have no passion for and then feel as if they need to stay at that job for the rest of their life.
In reality they could use this moment in their lives to explore and figure out other careers that they have a passion for.
I have heard people who do get stuck on the idea that they must stay at the job they do not have passion for, state that if they had the chance to “redo” their career path they would choose a more enjoyable one.
The preconceived notion that high school and college students need to make so much money when they start out in their career path is not true.
After someone has taken their time and grown in their enjoyable career, they can begin to make more money and they will end up with both passion and stable finances.