Money is more important in a career


Maddie Cox, Entertainment Editor

There’s nowhere on earth that money won’t benefit someone, and throughout life people are relying on money to improve their quality of life. When it comes down to it, money is the key to everything.
Higher paying jobs allow for more opportunities to become available to those who have them. Being able to afford a better education for children or even buy more luxuries to enjoy in leisure time can majorly impact the quality and enjoyment of life outside of work.
While it might not be the most enjoyable career, higher paying jobs provide a smoother and stress-free transition into retirement. Being able to travel to more expensive places, move to a home down by the shore, and still be able to have the financial flexibility in case of any unexpected emergencies is more desirable than having to go through the financial struggles of having a lower paying job.
Stability is also an important part of a job. Having a stable income to get by and then some may not always be possible by following through with one’s passion, depending on the job. Better to be safe than a starving artist.
A solution could be turning that passion into a hobby instead of a job, giving the best of both worlds. Even if there is not much time after work, the hobby can continue after retirement.
The same goes for reliability: with passion it may be more exciting and enjoyable, but some people put their own expenses into pursuing their career of choice only for it not to fall into place as planned. Or what if someone goes into a career after pursuing what they like only to find out they’re not good at that job?
Now, some people find that their passion can also be a high paying job. That’s perfect , but since this this doesn’t apply to all, when in doubt choose something reliable rather than a career that’ll produce more stress than enjoyment.