Faces of Central: Corrine Ayers


Iris Wright, Website Editor

Some students want to be the best at a sport or the top of their class. Senior Corrine Ayers, though, focuses on the connections she makes with others, including deep connections with her family.

“I have like a million siblings,” Ayers said. “I try to help my parents as best as I can.”

She places her siblings at the top of her priority list, by spending time with them and cooking family meals. Her dedication forms partly from her mother’s influence.

“She’s brought us from nothing to something,” Ayers said. “When I was younger my brother’s dad was unemployed and my mom was the only one bringing stuff to the table. I’m just proud of her.”

Ayers’ family has nurtured her sense of responsibility.

“I had to grow up and help around the house,” Ayers said.

When she’s not at home, Ayers connects with others at school.

“Mrs. Koleno is kind of cool,” Ayers said. “I like teachers that I can connect with.”

Some of her best memories include experiences with family and friends.

“The day I met my best friend [was] something I’ll remember forever,” Ayers said. “We just clicked.”

Though Ayers looks out for others, she never lets them step on her.

“I’m kind of a hothead sometimes,” Ayers said. “I’m kind of argumentative.”

Between family responsibilities, Ayers works toward graduation. One class could mean the difference between a diploma and another year of high school.

“I hope I graduate. That’s the goal. That’s the dream,” Ayers said. “Do your homework, because if you don’t do your homework you fail algebra and have to retake it.”

Even struggling with the fear of not graduating, Ayer finds contentment through her family. For example, her one-year-old sister can always make her smile.

“She’s the cutest thing ever,” Ayers said. “My little sister [is] the love of my life.”