Faces of Plainfield: Jose Lopez


Iris Wright, Website Editor

For junior Jose Lopez, there are many experiences and people who have shaped his life and are worth his gratitude. For instance, Lopez’s family and friends first sparked his interest in his favorite sport, soccer.

“My family was always really into it, so from a young age I got into it,” Lopez said. “I would go to the park and get together with friends and play.”

Lopez does not participate in school clubs or sports, but he played soccer on a club team last year.

“I’m pretty good at soccer,” Lopez said. “It was always a sport I really liked, and it’s played all around the world.”

Beyond soccer, Lopez works hard in school.

“I try to keep up grades and not slack off too much,” Lopez said.

His favorite class is algebra, but his school day would be improved if students moved faster through the halls during passing periods.

“Walk faster,” Lopez said. “They walk too slow.”

On a bad day, Lopez can count on his friends and girlfriend to brighten his mood.

“They know me; they know when I’m feeling down,” Lopez said. “They know how to crack the right jokes. They know how to get to me.”

A bad day for Lopez might include a trip to the ocean: his worst fear.

“The moment my feet come off the coastline and my feet are in the water, I just freak out,” Lopez said. “I know how to swim, too. Something about the ocean just creeps me out.”

Lopez has no fear of depth in other matters, though. He is thankful for the people in his life, especially his mother.

“It’s the little things,” Lopez said. “I and all three of my brothers just kind of follow her customs and do what she says. She’s always there for us.”

Lopez is also thankful for the experiences he has had and remains positive.

“There’s so many things that happen that are really good,” Lopez said.