Community welcomes all helpers


Hannah Kopek

Senior Frank Ruane lends a helping hand to clean up the environment

Brendan Burns, Staff Writer

In every community someone struggles and cries out for a helping hand. For the community of Plainfield, there are people ready to offer that help.
The group is known as The Big Serve. For several years, the Big Serve establishment has organized a weekend donated to helping the community. This year’s event consists of 30 projects from making stress-relieving linden oaks blankets to cleaning up yard work.
“The Big Serve can be a lot of fun when doing it with friends and family. I also started one of the projects where people get together to make birthday packages for children in low income schools,’’ senior Kaitlyn Hilb said.
Hilb planned and collected supplies for her project called “Birthday in a Bag”.
“The volunteers and I packed 175 bags for Issac Singleton elementary school. Each student will recieve their bag on their birthday.”
Anyone can sign up to help and the event is sponsored by 19 community organizations, including Community Christian Church, Village of Plainfield, Plainfield United Methodist Church, Hope United Methodist Church, St. Mary Immaculate Parrish and many others.
“My dance crew and I will get together this Saturday and paint little murals and clean up around the dance studio. On Sunday, my dance crew and I will also perform at a nursing home and hand out the murals we made to the people at the nursing home,” sophomore Natalie Heye said.
“The people from my church are doing it, and I thought it was a good idea to join in on the help,” senior Dominic Heye said.
Not everyone is into the physical labor part of it or just have enough hours in a day to fit it into their day. So, donations are also accepted on the Big Serve website,
“Other than going around helping everyone in the community, it’s nice to be able to hang out with new people,” D. Heye said.
The Big Serve wants people to realize that no matter age or ability of skill, there is always a way to help others.