Summertime offers students engaging jobs


Kailey Blunk

Junior Juliette Hop monitors the joust court at her job at Sky Zone in joliet.

Kailey Blunk, Staff Writer

Summer break is a time for relaxation, fun, and making bank. Of course, the typical retail and food industry businesses will always be there; however, if someone is looking for more exciting work, it can be found.
Lifeguarding is an occupation that is highly necessary for any pool or waterpark to function properly and safely. However, for those who would rather be in the water than watching it from above, there are also open positions for swim lesson instructors.
“In the summer, I work as a lifeguard and swim instructor,” Meghan Lyons, senior, said. “I work with a wide variety of kids, some as young as three months and up to people in their 40s.”
For both lifeguarding and instructing, employees must be CPR and First Aid certified; however, most employers provide that training before the pool opens for the season. There are plenty of open jobs at the Plainfield Park District, Joliet Park District, Splash Station, and more.
“It is an amazing job and I enjoy seeing people grow as swimmers,” Lyons said.
For those who want to see people grow their skills, but prefer to stay out of the water, the Joliet and Plainfield Park Districts are looking for youth recreational athletics instructors.
There are positions open for soccer, gymnastics and tumbling, ballet, horse-back riding, basketball, flag football, volleyball, and baseball according to the Joliet Park District and Plainfield Park District website. The job requires previous experience with the sport and to be great motivators.
“I would enjoy being a youth athletics instructor,” Nathan Brander, junior, said. “I did [sports] as a kid and I would like to give back.”
There are other jobs in the athletics or activities field without an instructing position, such as refereeing or working as a staff member at a golf course or trampoline park, such as Inwood, Sky Zone, or FunFlatables.
“I work at FunFlatables,” Ashley Hussey, junior, said. “We work with younger kids to make them have a fun day and give parents a break during their day.”
For those looking for experience in marketing, the Joliet Slammers have an internship for a promotions coordinator.
The internship would require the employee to be an on-field emcee, assist with theme nights, supervise promotional squad, writing the nightly script, create inning contests, work with the video and music systems, assist with the mascot’s schedule, handle the social media outlets, and more. However, the employers prefer the candidate to have experience in video editing, graphic design, writing game scripts, promotional team, and/or emceeing.
For those who love the outdoors, the Joliet Park District has a job open for naturalists. The naturalist position is responsible for “leading programs, summer camps, and field trips that cover various nature and historical topics,” according to the Joliet Park District’s job listing. Those hired would be working at the Pilcher Park Nature Center.
Some students prefer volunteering their time, or even taking an entrepreneur’s approach, such as freelance photography or lawn care.
“Working as a photographer would be nice,” Jenna Tesch, senior, said. “I’ve always wanted to get better at it, and it’d give me the excuse to travel and see new things.”
By spending the summer getting feet in the door instead of relaxing on the couch, Kenneth Schoen, teacher, says that students can learn skills to one day start and run their own business.