JV Tennis staying on course

Hannah Kopek, Staff Writer

  The junior varsity boys’ tennis team has been swinging hard and fast into the season with victories over conference teams Joliet west and Plainfield East. They are currently 2-3 in matches. 

  “It wasn’t the best first season so far, but it’ll get better in the future, hopefully,” Taigue Woods, freshman, said. The boys have faced several challenges this year, including tough losses against Oswego East and Plainfield North. The weather has posed a challenge this season as well. 

  “The weather has been the most difficult, especially this season with rain-outs. We’ve missed out on matches and practice, which essentially is missed experience for the boys,” Jaclyn Kwiatt, coach, said. Despite hardships, players are still working to accomplish their goals. 

  “My goal was to get better at serving since it’s the most important hit in the game,” Woods said. Other first year players are working to improve their overall game and learn from upperclassmen and coaches. 

  “I have tried to evaluate myself after every match and see what I did right and what I did wrong,” Henry Yowell, freshman, said. “I have discovered what I am good at, and what I need to improve on.”  

  Matches can come down to the skill of each player, their stamina, and their mental strength. 

  “My favorite thing about tennis is playing out the last point of a match to see who wins the set, or who wins the whole match,” Grant Lovett, sophomore, said. A single point can determine who wins the match, and seeds for conference. 

  The SPC conference tournament was hosted at PHS Saturday, May 5.