National Walkout Student led protes


Armani Moten , Blog editor

March 14 ,2018 changed the history of student led protest across the world. One month after the school shooting in Parkland, Florida schools walked out of their respective schools for seventeen minutes, one minute for each victim of the shooting.  At Plainfield Central the leaders that organized the walk out released seventeen balloons, one for each victim. 

While the walkout creates a lot of buzz on social media, it also creates a lot of buzz in the classrooms. The walkout trend all started when students from Parkland High School announced that they would walk and talk to US government for better gun laws. As you know the power of retweeting made the national walkout possible for students all around the US. Even though this is an amazing way to raise awareness and call attention to a topic like gun protection, it didn’t sit well with many administrators across the US.  The main obstacles that stood in the way of students of protesting was the consequence of getting a detention at Plainfield Central. As you sit back and think, “Is this right or fair when we have the right to protest?”  

Another issue that came with the walkout at Plainfield Central was if the walkout was a sincere action or trend that everyone wanted to be apart of and capture, so they weren’t the odd one out that didn’t do it. Now I know most of you that are reading this blog are going to say, ” Why would someone fake caring about the walkout”. Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s not unknown for someone to take part of an event just for a hashtag. You have celebrities doing it about the same social topic we’re talking about right now, cough Selena Gomez cough, but back to what’s important.  

The walkout is a symbol of breaking the symbol of not taking any more negative events in American or in world life. Even though the walkout did have cons to it, it still made people listen to what students in America have to say.