Prom should not be just for seniors


Carter Day, Staff Writer

Most people are familiar with how seniors cannot wait to go to prom, and how many of them wish it was for seniors and only their dates. Think about it though, how many events do the seniors already get at the end of the year?
The seniors have so many privileges throughout the year. It is biased if seniors get one more event that seperates them from other grade levels.
On Mondays and Wednesdays, all senior students that do not have late start or early release and have a Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least a 3.5, are able to leave the premises and go wherever for their entire lunch/ study hall period.
They have more than just off campus lunches. Seniors have the ABC countdown, which are days that have themes that countdown until graduation. They do not have to take finals second semester, and they have the senior banquet. With all these events and priveleges, seniors are dissociating themselves from the rest of the classes. They should not be allowed to seperate themselves and go to a senior only prom.
Some seniors have stated that juniors have next year to go to prom, but it is a different situation next year because prom will not be in the city. It has become a one-time chance and would be unjust to the junior class if they were not allowed to go to prom.
For those concerned that some senior won’t be able to go because underclassmen bought all the tickets, for the first two days, seniors were exclusively allowed to buy prom tickets. This arrangement gave them enough time to decide whether or not they wanted to go, before underclassmen could even buy any.
Additionaly, some argue that prom is too costly to go multiple years. The average cost of prom for students in the Midwest is around $610 according to USA Today. It can be broken down by the suit, the dress, the tickets, transportation, dinner, and the venue.
Prom is a privilege available to any upperclassman that can afford it. If students are willing to spend the money to go to prom, then they should be allowed to go, regardless if they are a junior or senior. The bottom line is seniors need to get over their sense of entitlement and just enjoy prom, juniors and all.