Deli closed, students experience anguish


Brendan Burns

A metal gate closes off the previous deli, which doesn’t plan to reopen.

Ah'Jenique Pinnick, Staff Writer

Already with not much to offer, our school lunch program has disappointed students once again. With our beloved deli taken away, students are asking why they were stripped of their favorite lunch items.
The deli was the only thing remotely close to a somewhat “healthier” option, since pre-made salads was exterminated along with it.
Many students are angry about the deli closing because sandwiches aren’t made to order, lines are longer, and pre-made salads aren’t being offered, like they once were.
Since the deli has left, students who wish to obtain deli items can quickly grab a pre-made sandwich or wrap offered on the home line. Wraps being made at the home line means a longer wait in line for students.
“We are piloting the Grab-n-Go sandwiches at the two other stations to offer a more convenient and time saving option,” Kimberly Young, General Manager for Aramark, said.
Although pre-made sandwiches are more convenient, they shouldn’t be the only deli sandwich offered. Made to order sandwiches may not be as popular as wraps, but some students want to choose what goes on their sandwich.
Pre-made sandwiches don’t take into consideration the desires of all students. Some students may want their sandwiches with or without select items that pre-made sandwiches may or may not include.
The deli is going to “pilot a ‘Hot Deli Wrap’, which was requested as a daily option by the student body. If the “Hot Deli Wrap” is a success, they will rebrand the deli station and make it a “Custom Bros Grill” according to Young.
Wraps will start being made to order every day, but made to order deli sandwiches making a comeback doesn’t seem likely.
Creating a grill in the school cafeteria is a great concept to consider, but made to order sandwiches shouldn’t be taken away in totality because of this idea.
The deli should at least offer made to order sandwiches on alternating days or at least once a week for students who wish to have sandwiches made how they like.