Arm teachers with knowledge, not guns

Photo by Dylan Udziela


Stephanie Shields, Fielder Friday Editor

Some members of the government believe that teachers should be turned into cops and be enforced with guns in our schools.
Some teachers around the U.S feel the same way. After the Stoneman Douglas high school shooting, there have been numerous discussions about fire arms and what to do with them. In Florida actually, the governor signed a ‘school bill’ that could end up arming teachers with guns. The Stoneman Douglas high school just recently voted for this ‘school bill’ to be enforced in their school and the students denied it.
According to USA today, parkland survivors and even willing students have been rallying and protesting firearms but instead, officials want to put firearms in sight of students to protect them.
Should all teachers really be trusted that much to be able to have a gun in their class? According to CNN news, on February 28th in Georgia, a teacher was arrested after firing a handgun outside their classroom windows.
If laws were made giving teachers fire arms, this could be happening more often. Some teachers could abuse this power and use it in times where it does not need to be used, such as a means of intimidation, or as time goes on, they might not take it as seriously and become casual about it.
Students cannot be trusted either. If the teacher must leave the classroom, and the firearm is not fully secured, there is an opportunity that a student might take it and use it. There are multiple scenarios where a student could get a hold of the gun and start shooting at any time.
At Jacksonville High School, a student had stolen a gun from the teacher. Although he did not shoot it, it is still a frightening sight to observe, with one student holding the power to harm another life.
Instead of giving out firearms to our teachers, federal and state government should enforce more laws. Lawmakers should consider changing the age of owning a gun or giving more security measures to our schools, like live cameras and having more than one cop in each school.
Alongside A.L.I.C.E, students protecting themselves and others by fighting back is helpful as well. If there are students out there protesting and fighting against firearms, how will they feel when they come back to school from the following week and hear from their teachers that they are now carrying guns to protect us? Those kids are going want to be homeschooled or to protest even more.