Students shave heads to support cancer research

Junior Joey Kramarski has his head shaved on March 22.

Hannak Kopek, Staff Writer

Total donations for St. Baldrick’s exceeded the goal of $5,000 with a total of $5,722 raised. Eleven students raised money for cancer research by shaving their heads, with junior Billy Schrage raising the most at $1,200.

“I thought it would be a great opportunity for me to raise money for something that is so important,” Charlie Bishop, junior, said.

Many 2nd hour classes also participated by collecting donations. The classroom winner is Susan Thomas’s class that donated $119. In 2nd was Nathan Rancatore’s class with $83 and in 3rd place was Ken Lakowski’s hour class with $37.

 “I’ve been thinking about it for a few years, but I’ve never participated before, so I decided to do it this year,” Jackson said. He was joined by his younger brother Gabe Jackson, sophomore, in the event.

Other students who shaved their heads included juniors Joey Kramarsky, Julia Rauch, Justin Lentz, Thomas Earls, Billy Schrage, Ben Kmety, Andrew Pirc, sophomore Sarah Mohler and Mary Ryan, a 5th grader from Grand Prairie.

“It was such a fun experience and I encourage everyone to do it next year!” Bishoff said.