Girls Badminton Prepare For Up Coming Season

Carter Day, Staff Writer

The Wildcats girls’ badminton team are young but prepared according to head coach Joe Hames. He feels the players are more concentrated this year compared to any other year and are ready to improve and win.

“I want to win conference and improve my techniques and strategy,”  Laila Botzum, senior, said. 

“[The goal that] pertains to every year is to just improve our overall game play whether that is the endurance aspect, footwork, communication, etc. Those are the most important parts to a successful season,” Andrea Heagney, junior, said. 

To work on footwork some athletes play tennis because the movements and always staying on their toes is comparable to badminton according to Hames.  The swing in badminton is similar to the swing in volleyball. 

“I train outside of school by lifting and keeping up with cardio for my personal benefits and for the sports I am in,” Botzum said. 

According to Heagney one game of badminton can be compared to running a mile.  There are also no referees, so the games are all determined by the players. 

The previous season the girls had a few sectional qualifiers according to Hames. This year they are hoping for more.

“The girls always get geared up for Oswego, Oswego always has a strong team, Oswego East has a strong team.  The whole conference has gotten stronger,” Hames, said. 

In spite of that, Hames, along with many of the girls, believes this is the year they will take conference.