Humorous new Mayor entertains teens


Dejah Travis, Videographer

“The Mayor” is a refreshing, unorthodox spin on what is deemed to be a boring and prolonged process of becoming a mayor and being a mayor as a whole. The show is humorous and tends toward teenagers’ interests today.

The main character Courtney Rose (Brandon Micheal Hall) cooks up a scheme to run for mayor to gain publicity for his starving rapping career, but instead his plan backfires. Rose is now the new mayor of his hometown in California!

The show basically covers his journey as mayor. Conflicts arise when he battles choosing his rap career or being the mayor. At thirty minutes long, it’s a brief burst of humor and inspiration for all ages. The show puts a spotlight on what it’s like for someone to be a leader in his own personal way.

In the first episode Rose puts a spin on the traditional way of doing things in his community. Such as when he turns a simple community clean-up effort into a block party fundraiser as well. It’s fresh, and he definitely puts spice and flavor into his daily mayor operations.

Unlike many shows today, “The Mayor” portrays an African American male in a position of power. It shows an alternative path for black males other than the stereotypical paths of sports or illegal activity.

As an actor, Hall does an immaculate job with Rose’s character; he acts with such finesse and really makes his character relatable to others. With help from his two best friends and his assistant, the squad is an unstoppable force.

I give this show a four out of five stars, because the plot isn’t really something that would happen in real life. It’s highly improbable but definitely fun to watch and think about. Check out “The Mayor” every Tuesday night on ABC, 9:30/8:30 central.