Senior Frank Ruane earns semi-finalist placement


Brady Jones, Staff Writer

Frank Ruane, senior, is one of the National Merit Scholarship semi-finalists, placing him in the top 1% of all juniors in America. Ruane has experienced much success as a Wildcat, ranking top 3 in his class all four years.
“I’ve always strived to achieve at least one scholarly award,” Ruane said. “It was nice to see that I had been able to win this one.”
Throughout his high school years, Ruane has come across many teachers and students, whose lives he has impacted.
“He’s a friend I want to keep forever,” Maria Hsieh, senior, said. “He’s shown me how important it is to just push through things.”
Though Ruane has experienced life at the top of the class for a while, he wants to see his fellow Wildcats join him.
“[Ruane] has hugely impacted my life,” Roni Miguel, senior, said. “He helps other kids try to understand the class.”
Ruane’s teachers did not seem at all shocked by his ability to win an academic award such as this.
“[He] is an excellent student; he is very diligent,” Benjamin Nugent, physics teacher, said. “He puts in a lot of time; you can tell from the quality of his work.”
Many of Ruane’s teachers agree upon the same logic.
“He’s got a math sense; he just gets it,” Thomas Bond, math teacher, said. “He challenges me to know what I’m presenting. I’ve got to stay ahead of him, as it is with most honors students.”
Many would wonder how one could manage to be such a top ranking student and continue a social life, but Ruane finds it simplistic.
“[It is] my ability to manage time, stress and leisure. I’ve always made sure I properly study for a class, but I also make sure not to burn myself out by going overboard,” Ruane said.
Ruane never seems phased, his teachers even make note of that.
“He’s very relaxed, and very easy going.” Nugent said.
Although Ruane will be graduating in May, this award has meant a lot to him.
“It’s given me a more positive outlook on school, since I see that they’re recognizing academic achievements.” Ruane said.
As far as plans for the future, Ruane has high goals, goals that his friends know he will achieve.
“He’s hardworking, he never gives up. He goes at it until its done,” Miguel said.
Ruane’s goals could take him out of this world.
“I hope to go into engineering and make revolutionary machines.” Ruane said. “Right now, I’m planning on going into aerospace engineering and working for NASA or SpaceX.”