NFL Sam Acho motivates school


Maddie Cox, Staff Writer

Through the “Power Your School” campaign, Coke and Powerade chose Plainfield Central to have the opportunity to meet Bears linebacker, Sam Acho. In addition, the company donated two thousand dollars to fund after school sports programs.
“It’s incredible for us as a school, but also us as a football program to have Sam be able to come in, share some of his experiences as an athlete but also some high school atmosphere for us,” John Pereiro, football coach, said.
Acho shared his experiences as a teenager and how he has changed as a player during his football career. However, he faced struggles as he tried to make his way through high school football. It was difficult to find people willing to support his achievements and mentor him.
“The advice I would give to a student that is struggling is don’t give up because on the other side of the struggle is an opportunity,” Acho said. “I’m living proof that as soon as you give up you’re never going to make it, but if you just keep on persevering and pushing through it, you’re going to come out on the other side.”
The administration hopes that students will assimilate and incorporate his advice into their everyday life on both the field and in their school studies.
“It’s a great opportunity to have seen somebody who’s had a successful career and move onto professional athletes. Looking at somebody who has had a successful career and followed a good path in his life is what I hope students would get out of it,” Dave Stephens, principal said.
This isn’t the first time the 2016 Man of the Year Award recipient has given back to his community.
The Acho family has gone on multiple trips to Nigeria with their organization, Living Hope Christian Ministries, to help those in need of doctors and physicians.
“Giving back means everything to me. Every time I get a chance to give back, I feel fuller than I did beforehand and a lot of times you do things that you might get accolades, you might get awards, you might get compensated,” Acho said. ”But you get so much more gratification when you do it just out of the kindness of your heart.”