Is premarital cohabitation acceptable?


Catilyn Mccarthy, Sports Editor

In recent years it has become more common for couples to move in with one another rather than get married. Moving in together is almost in away replacing marriage because once the couples have made the move to live with one another, they feel as though there is no point to marriage.
In reality the couples that are living with one another are in many ways already married. They will face many of the same issue and decisions that a married couple faces. All of the responsibilities are the same for the couples; the only difference is the married couple is legally “stuck” with one another. Meaning that if a married couple would want separate they would have to go through more of a hassle to separate. Whereas a couple who decide to separate do not usually have to go through any legal processes.
Many times people feel they have to move in with one another because they are faced with an unplanned pregnancy or they like the idea of only having one rent check to worry about. In both cases the couples have to be willing to make a very serious commitment to one another, and that’s all it really comes down to about whether or not the couple makes it. Even if the couple never gets married, they still have the commitment to the other person to make it work.
Some people may argue that the couples that do not get married have commitment issues, which is not always the case. Living with a significant other is a very big commitment in itself, married or not married. Couples who believe they are mature enough to deal with that kind of commitment should live with one another without judgement.
Marriage is not a bad thing; however, it is just not for everyone.