Standerized tests should be free


The ACT and SAT are standardized exams that students must take in order to go to most four year universities.

Since 2014, many schools have paid for juniors and seniors to be able to take the SAT or ACT. But as of last year, many schools made the juniors and seniors pay to take whatever test that they wished.

However, many schools didn’t know which test they would offer in the upcoming school year. As of now, our school is allowing juniors to take the SAT for free, but not the ACT.

Many students believe that this is not fair because the seniors had to pay $42.50 for the ACT without writing. Every time students retake the test after the original score, they have to pay the same fee again. As many times as some students need to take the test, this can become very expensive.

This isn’t fair because it does get extremely costly after the first time taking the test. Some colleges still want an ACT score, so students shouldn’t have to pay for a test that determines their future, especially when it comes to getting into a college that they may really want to attend.

This score can really affect students’ future, and it also really affects families who don’t have the necessary funds to help pay for the tests.

If students wish to take either the ACT or the SAT a second time or third time, then the students will need to pay for it, but the first time for either test should be free.

In fact, it should be optional to students if they even want to take these tests or not. But even if students want to take both tests, then it should be completely free since doing well on them does determine one’s future at a four year university.