Nothing’s wrong with self expression

Allen Garcia, Online Editor

Expressing oneself has always been a very sensitive topic. Throughout history people have been forced to contain how they feel or who they are based on their race, religion, sexuality, or gender.

But a lot has changed since then; people dye their hair, wear a variety of clothing, and are open about who they are. Yet some people seem to think that self-expression has gone too far; some students have gages, wear furry tails on their belt loops, and wear cat ears and so on. It’s definitely out of the ordinary.

Some students aren’t in favor of this fashion statement and think it is just plain not right, and to those students I have this to say: Who cares?

Those students are the ones making those decisions; if they want to wear cat ears or a furry tail, I say let them. They wear these items for the same reason someone might wear a snapback or earrings, because they like them.

Just because a rapper, or a popstar wouldn’t wear it does not mean someone else can’t wear it. Just because someone sees it as weird doesn’t mean they do; I guarantee they’re not wearing furry tails to impress other people. They wear it because it makes them happy, and that’s what should matter.

Others cannot define who someone is, the only person that can define them is themselves. Never let anyone make others feel bad because they’re not doing what’s considered the norm, or what everybody else is doing.

In fact; the recent winner of America’s Got Talent, Grace VanderWaal, wore cat ears in her last performance before she won 1 million dollars. She chose to wear them because Arianna Grande wore them and she liked the way they look.

We should all just be who we want to be, and not let others decide for us. Remember; it’s not what someone’s called that matters, it’s what they choose to answer to.