Stephens Exceeds Expectations


Elizabeth Hsieh & Faithe Kazmark

Summerlynn Smith, Opinion editor

As a new day begins and 7:05 creeps closer, Principal Dave Stephens can usually be found by the front door ushering in the students with a smile on his face.
“Let’s make it a great day wildcats!” Stephens says in a happy voice.
This year Stephens steps up as a new principal, bringing with him new ideas and goals for this year full of possibilities. While Stephens has only been in office for a short time, this is by no means his first year on campus; this year will complete 30 years of working in the district as a middle school teacher, high school history teacher, and athletic director.
One thing Stephens wants to focus on now that he is principal is a “cohesive family setting and atmosphere,” something that is always a goal to work towards.
“I believe I have a good grasp on what it is to be principal,” Stephens said. “I am a person that likes to work with kids and people.”
“Mr. Stephens loves challenges, and I am very confident that he will meet and exceed everyone’s expectations,” Matt Ambrose, assistant principal, said. “I am sure he will admit that he is still learning, and will probably do so the entire school year.”
So far this year has gotten off to a smooth start
“Mr. Stephens is continuing on with the traditions of Plainfield Central, and he is also bringing in some new ideas for both students and faculty. He will do a fantastic job!” Darlene Castillo, athletic secretary, said.
“I think this year is going great. I do miss Mr. Smith, but Mr. Stephens is doing a really good job so far!” Alaina Bradley, senior, said.
Since it is still early in the school year, no major changes will be put in place besides the new football field that is already under construction.
“He is also working with the PTSO in creating a good atmosphere for our faculty lounge so we as a group are more connected and not stay hidden in our rooms,” Castillo said. “I feel it is nothing but positive what he is doing here.”
Stephens is already showing signs of a true leader with his attitude of “less of what I can do and more of what I can help with.”