Editorial: Phones should be allowed in school


Shannon Tierney, Photographer

It is understandable why students are not allowed the use of their cell phones during class, but it shouldn’t matter in a lunch period, or during passing period. In fact, as long as they are not in class, students should be able to use their cell phones anywhere. It is not disrespectful or doing any harm towards anyone whatsoever, so there should not be a problem.

Cell phones have plenty of positive aspects when used appropriately. If students are in some sort of danger, they can contact the authorities immediately. Parents can also contact their child if there is a change of plans, an emergency, or to check in on them.

On the other hand, there are many reasons teachers can list off as to why they do not want students to have their phones in class, such as taking pictures of a test. But, problem solved, there are no tests in lunch or in the halls. Students also could be texting a friend who is in the same class and getting answers, but once again there is nothing for them to cheat on in lunch or during a passing period.

Furthermore, if students are seen holding their cell phones while walking down the hallway, there are several different teachers who will just take it, even if it is off. There is no point to take a cell phone that is off, because the student isn’t using it. The teacher is basically just abusing their power by taking the device just to take it. It is unfair to that student who will have to go through the trouble of picking up their cell phone that wasn’t causing any trouble to begin with.

Some teachers may argue that if a student is allowed to have their cell phone and use them outside of class, they will just abuse the leniency and use it in class. However, as long as the staff keeps the classroom rules strict, but allows students the use of their phones in passing periods and lunch, students will understand what is okay and what is not.

During a recent school board meeting in September, a group of students addressed this topic. Several members of the board agree that students should be allowed the use of their cell phones during lunch periods. Some others say that it would be a matter of who the student was and how they would use the privilege. We encourage the board to at least give it a chance and change the policy. Then it will be up to students to prove we can be responsible.