Strict guidelines dictate cafeteria

Edwin Guardado, Staff Writer

While many students weren’t keen on more nutritious school lunches when the district first began complying with new federal meal standards, there have been modifications of lunches and budget cuts that the school has to follow.
The company Aramark decided to cut the service line in the teacher’s cafeteria, having all the teachers purchase their lunches by going to the student cafeteria. Teachers can also order their meals in advance and have them delivered.
Students and staff have mixed views on the lunches. Bob Smith, principal, feels the school has limitations for lunches, and that it is the students’ choice to consume healthy or unhealthy products.
“It is the guidelines from the federal government to the school to cut the number of calories of all foods,” Smith said.
“I wish there was more freedom or selection of foods,” Smith said. He believes that the students of this high school are mature enough to make these decisions, if one likes to eat healthy or not.
“I know that the food prices have gone up, and it’s seems that the variety is very narrow, not enough carbs. Again this is applied by the federal government, trying to improve the nutritious value,” Smith said.
Some students complain that the lunches are limiting the option of foods and feel that students will possibly lose their appetites. However, others feel differently. Megan Mogorvic, sophomore, feels “pretty good about the food,” and that the cafeteria has a “wide variety of foods.”

Some teachers were once students in this high school, and have a different perspective on how lunch has changed. Darren Kobliska, social science teacher, views lunches more positively for students now than when he was a student.
“The changes that have been made to the lunches are healthier,” Kobliska said. Kobliska feels that the district can make the school better while still having the student’s interests in mind.
The company Aramark gets feedback from students and parents about how lunches are served, and the company also feels that the students have the right for options of food selections.
“We have strict guidelines to follow; however, we also follow a guideline through our company using a pattern meal known as “fuels.” We add two of them each month of the school year,” Kim Young, General Manager, said. Fuels are new foods put on the menu for students to taste something different, and grab more attention for students.