Z for Zachariah overcomes slow start


Summerlynn Smith, Staff writer

“Z for Zachariah” uses a post-apocalyptic background to build a genuine connection with its characters, a lot like the book of Eli accomplished.
Before this film was brought to life on the big screen it had a humble start as a paperback, which does explain the slowness of the film’s opening. The producer was trying to do what all loyal fans want to see, and that means staying true to the book.
After a nuclear fall out which left most people dead, Ann Burden (Margot Robbie), a small town farm girl, is still alive with her family. They have miraculously been spared because her farm is nestled in a small pocket, so apparently the radiation went right over them.
Although the family is intiially intact, Ann’s parents have a strong belief in God, and they feel it’s their duty to go out and look for survivors.
After her parents are gone for a long period of time, her older brother decides to go out looking for them, and Ann is left with only the company of her dog.
While out in the woods one day she sees an amazing view: another human being. From there the story picks up and it’s a romantic drama with the priority of survival.
The plot may have been slow developing, but the acting and special effects were far from it. The actors worked well with each other, and really brought the fictional characters to life. The actors were so good it almost felt like the characters’ problems were their own in real life, which can be hard, but they made it look easy.
The special effects and set design were probably the most exciting aspect of the movie. It was obvious hours upon hours went into imagining and making them.
All in all it was a solid movie. It’s definitely not for everyone because it does focus more on romance than the apocalypse; however, it does deserve at least four nuclear explosions out of five, because even though the movie has a slow start, the actors’ connecitons with their characters is really strong, and overall theysucceed in bringing the movie to life on the big screen.