Age differences are not always negative


Allie Wright, Editor-in-chief

“Age is but a number;” a simple cliché that stirs up a frenzy of debated discussions when it comes to relationships. A one or two year difference may not even be given a second thought as to whether or not it is socially acceptable, because it typically is.

When the numbers begin to differentiate as much as 3, 4, 5 or more years, there tends to be discrepancy. In high school relationships, the age of the individuals involved causes judgment all too frequently. Freshmen students dating seniors is looked at negatively, as are seniors dating maybe college students.

However, the four year difference between a freshman and senior is looked at differently than that of a senior and a college student. The relationship with the college student is not looked at nearly as negatively, but is still in a socially gray area.

This age distinction is an unfair discrimination because seniors are at an awkward age as they leave the teenage realm and enter the adult world. The most common issue is that legally, a relationship with a minor is not okay.

Seniors, who are 18, technically cannot date a freshman because they are now legal adults and can be prosecuted if sexual activity occurs. But that also means they cannot date someone even a year younger because a seventeen year old is still considered a minor.

Even though I disagree with this law, I still do not know that I agree with freshman-senior relationships because I simply do not agree with freshmen dating in general. At that age, I know I had no idea what a relationship was; in fact I still do not. Freshmen year is not the time to start trying to figure relationships out though.

On the other end of the spectrum, seniors dating older students in college should not be looked at so negatively. They are mature enough to understand how to handle relationships, and although still learning, are more prepared now than as a freshman.

As seniors in high school, individuals will soon be moving into the college world anyway and dating someone already there can allow for a smoother transition and better understanding of what is to come.

Overall, age matters in looking at the level of maturity of the individuals involved, but two mature individuals several years apart may be able to handle a relationship together.