Students need to show school spirit


Editorial, Editors

School spirit is vital to make school fun and enjoyable. If we had more school spirit, school might also win more games and matches.

Our school doesn’t seem to have the best school spirit. People need to get more involved in school and participate in more school activities.

The superfan section at sporting events is always the most upbeat. However, all students need to support their classmates and cheer at all sporting events. So, in order to increase our school spirit, a number of actions should be taken.

We feel that everyday should be Wildcat day. Students should be happy about their school and take part in all school events. More students should go to dances that the school hosts and have fun. More school spirit will result in more positive students, making school very enjoyable.

Additionally, the student section at all sports events should be completely full of green and white cheering wildcats, whether they are part of the superfan section or not.

If there is more school spirit at sporting events, it will intimidate the other teams more as well. We could show other schools that we are all part of one team, and that we’re all one family. Also, the current superfans need to be more open to accepting others to join their group. No matter what grade you are, you could still be a superfan and cheer on your school.

The more superfans the better because not only will it bring the students closer together, but it will build up a sense of confidence in the wildcat athletes. Everyone needs to not worry about what other people will say and just cheer on their team because that’s what’s important.

Also, if there’s a theme for a sporting event, everyone should dress up as the theme so that our school can look like we care about our teams. We can also look more intimidating to the other schools, giving us a better chance of winning.

No matter what, we are all one family, and we all need to support each other, and school spirit is the best way to do that.