Positivity results in positive futures



Positivity seemingly plays a key role in happiness. The cliché, “garbage in, garbage out” accurately portrays the idea that taking in negative vibes and surrounding ourselves with negative people contributes to the type of vibe we give off.

We feel that positivity is so important because it can (although not always) cause a chain reaction. According to Mayoclinic.org, “[laughing] actually induces physical changes in your body.” Simply smiling releases stress and lets off positive energy to the people surrounding us.

Typically, happy people are positive people, those that are satisfied with their lives. It can be extremely beneficial to constantly make an effort to see the better half of a situation. Although there may be horrible situations going on in all of our lives, they could be worse.

An even better perspective is looking at what we do have versus only seeing what we lack. It is very important that we are thankful for what they have, rather than being negative about what they don’t have.

If smiling and thinking about the possibilities, instead of what holds us back does not come easily, then we need to work towards redirecting our thoughts. Although it begins as a task, positivity will eventually become a habit and overwhelm our personalities. Happiness stems from positivity, so as our personalities begin to radiate confidence, happiness will surely follow.

Another benefit of positivity is that if people are more positive, then they will do more positive actions. Perhaps that’s why being positive decreases the crime rate. Spreading positivity could help us live in a better world.

Also, students should really take advantage of the hello hallways in school. If students participate in saying hello to their fellow classmates, it will make them more happy, and cause them in turn to take more positive action, like the ‘pay it forward’ idea.

In the end, happiness and positivity will have a good impact on ourselves, and the world around us. So always remember to radiate positive vibes and walk with a smile.