Behind the Athlete


Nora Ait-Boucherbil, Staff Writer

Dakota Fuss


                                                                                        Boys’ Bowling

When did you start

taking an interest in bowling?

When I was eight, I saw PBA bowling on the news, and I thought it looked fun.

Do you feel close to your teammates?

Yes, at the end of every season, we give each other a short hug and cry for the seniors.

What was your best game?

264 in general,

this year 254.

Do you plan on furthering your bowling career?

Yes, I want to go to college for bowling.

Out of all your accomplishments in bowling, which stood out the most and why?

Regionals this year because we all contributed to winning first place and if we weren’t bowling in the

immediate game we were cheering for our teammates.

What is the hardest thing about bowling?

The hardest thing would be shooting spares consistently.