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Disney’s ‘Prep and Landing’ delivers timeless message with humor


Disney’s ‘Prep and Landing’ is not just any 2000s Christmas movie, amidst the likes of Elf and The Polar Express, it’s a modern-day masterpiece that will be cherished by kids and parents alike for generations.
This timeless classic has been permanently cemented in my childhood as the highlight of the Christmas season due to its witty humor and wholesome messages. Going above and beyond all expectations of a children’s movie, Prep and Landing is incredibly funny, consisting of humor that will delight all ages.
Wayne, voiced by Dave Foley, a 227 year old elf, acts like a grumpy old man because of how long he has been in the prep and landing business for Santa and the fact that he did not get the promotion he wanted. He is soon joined by a new partner, Lanny, voiced by Derek Richardson, who is full of childlike wonder and joy. His catchphrase is “This is soooo tinsel!”.
The two do not get along well at first, but soon have to team up in order to save Christmas for a little boy named Timmy, who witnesses Wayne slacking on the job and eating one of Santa’s cookies.
Not to mention the stellar voice acting and animation, which is truly impressive and ahead of its time. Each character’s voice perfectly matches their appearance and mannerisms, and leads to the overall Christmas-y mood. The animation is whimsical and full of that classic Disney charm that audiences have grown to love. The characters are all incredibly unique and the animation flows smoothly. Timmy’s house looks just like one’s childhood home, leading to relatability. The winter wonderland of the North Pole and Santa’s workshop are certainly an added bonus.
There are countless funny moments in the special, including my personal favorite, Thrasher the reindeer. He is the black sheep of Santa’s (now 10) reindeer and is very intimidating, due to his famous line, “I am a myth. Tell anyone I exist, and you won’t exist.”
Another reason why Disney’s Prep and Landing is the best Christmas special of all time is its message about the real meaning of Christmas: simply giving. The theme of the show is that no matter how much fame or status one receives, it will never be as rewarding as seeing the smile on someone’s face after doing a good deed.
All in all, Disney’s Prep and Landing is most certainly the best Christmas special on the market. It even won an award for Best Animated Television Production. The film is able to perfectly portray the whimsy and fun that accompanies the holiday season and comes with just the right amount of edge and humor to satisfy older audiences.
Even though it was created in 2009, the animation continues to hold up, and the message of the show, that giving is one of the most fulfilling things one could do, will most certainly stand the test of time. I give Disney’s Prep and Landing a well-deserved 5/5 stars.


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Hi! I am Natalie Adelmann. I am a junior and this is my first year in journalism! I am interested in specifically broadcast journalism and I am so excited to be part of the team!

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