Overcome interracial dating myths


Editorial Staff

Issues with interracial relationships are seemingly a problem of the past. Racism is not something that most people enjoy talking about or even confronting anymore, but The truth of the matter is that it still exists.

It is uncertain what the sole issue is, but interracial relationships are not as accepted as everyone is led to believe. Speaking from experience, we know it can be difficult to tell a white family that the guy their little girl has been dating is African American.

In a perfect world, it would not be an issue for anyone to date another person of any race. The reality though is that the world is imperfect. There are still problems and stereotypes that hold people back from understanding that the color of a person’s skin does not define their success, their actions, or their worth.

For some reason, poeple in our parents’ generation, and even some younger people, often have a negative image of a white girl dating a black or Hispanic young man, and think that they will be a bad influence.

Generalizing all non-Caucasian people under this same discriminatory definition is unfair, as is holding the history of white people against them.

The color of someone’s skin should not be a deciding factor as to whether or not two individuals can be together. Often it is not a problem to have friends of differing races, but to be in an actual relationship is looked down upon by their families.

In reverse circumstances, some Hispanic or African American families do not approve of their children being in a relationship with individuals of European discent. Some families are still, understandably, uncomfortable with the race that treated them so poorly for the majority of our history to date.

Select Hispanic families also have issues with race. Dating African Americans is looked at negatively for reasons that include, but are not limited to, keeping a traditional Hispanic family, and the stereotypes associated with black people.

To resolve the problems in interracial relationships, we believe people need to put aside their differences, look past the color of someone’s skin, and see beyond stereotypes. No matter how we are raised, we can form our own opinions, based on personality, not skin tone or stereotypes.